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The Dalyan City

Dalyan is a suburb of Ortaca district of Muğla province, which is a place of interest with its protected nature, history and cultural richness and its closeness to Dalaman Airport (Airport 33km, Ortaca 12km, Iztuzu Beach 11km, and Köyceğiz 29km).

The lagoon of water canals and little lakes between Köyceğiz Lake and Mediterranean Sea is a protected habitat for many fish species. Places that are full of rushes reaching 5 m in height is a nature wonder labyrinth. Swamps and marshy lands around it is perfect for bird and wildlife observes. Dalyan has its place among the best protected beaches selected by Time Magazine.


Natural hot water springs (thermals) are healthy for many diseases. So the Roman built a hospital at the place (known as Sultaniye today) in the name of the Gods. Travelers who visit Dalyan may enjoy the tours on the boats of Dalyan Boat Cooperative of Göl Tourism and Travel Agency and taste the local sea products at Denizkızı (Mermaid) Restaurant.

Eating and Drinking: Visitors have good opportunity for eating very fresh sea food from Dalyan and Koycegiz Lake. Fish, crabs, octopus, calamary, are day-fresh. Breakfast is so imprtant in Turkey and called gold while lunch is silver and dinner is copper. For breakfast you may enjoy olive oil, honey and milk products from the mountains, all naturally grown.

Local Specialities: Fish is the leader; the special pine honey and orange honey comes... There is a special tree (günlük; frankinsence) which gives an important raw matter to world cosmetic industry. You may see the tree at Günlükbaşı picnic area. Orange, lemon and mandarin (tangerin) are grown most part of the region. There are many bee-keepers producing special honey from pine and orange trees.

    Dalyan Denizkızı Restoran