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Do’s and Don’ts

When you decide to have a boat tour, it is advised that you prefer the boats having the plate showing that it belongs to Dalyan Boat Cooperative of Göl Tourism Travel Agency (Class-A).

Denizkızı is the restaurant of our travel agency and you will find verious kinds of special dishes of the region and have them with complete peace and comfort.

The country you have been visiting has people mostly believing in Islam while there are some other people from different beliefs. So, it could be good chance for you to visit a mosque to have some idea about this culture. You may visit it any time during the day; howerer, you should wait until they finish if a group of people are praying. Ladies must cover their hair while entering a mosque. Be careful and do not walk in front of a person who is praying.

Turkey has a rather hot summer. Especially this part of the country you should not expose to the sun light at noon time. Do show yourself into the sun gradually; otherwise you may have serious skin problems and even sunstroke. Drinking a lot of water is wise and put a piece of wet cloth on your neck when you feel hot. Do not drink alcoholic beverages in the sun; prefer Turkish special salty ayran, made of yoghurt, instead.

Because of a lot of wet environment around, it is natural to have many musquitos which need to have precautions especially during the evening time. Some good repellents may be found at local shops.

Diet changes may cause some problems in your digestive system; hot sun and very cold drinks can assist them. So, we want to warn you about the holiday tummy. In case you have such problems, you should drink alot of water and try to eat something without oil like yoghurt, potatoes, bread, etc..


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